Our Mission: To protect every computer on the planet from all forms of Cyber Attacks.

CyberForce Security is a ‘Managed Security Service Provider’ (MSSP): Providing complete endpoint and mobile device cyber protection with outsourced professional monitoring and management. Managed services include vulnerability scanning, antivirus protection, active directory threat analysis and protection, mobile device intrusion protection, credential theft notification and employee training.

CyberForce’s MSSP’s solutions use high-availability security operation centers to provide 24/7 services designed to reduce the number of operational resources an enterprise needs to hire, train and retain to maintain an acceptable security posture. The bottom line is substantial savings and better cyber security options for small to mid sized organizations that do not have the resources to hire full time teams of “in house” cyber security professionals.

Cyberforce Security is run by over 50 years of combined cyber security expertise with associations at the biggest names in the business, Cisco, IBM, HP, Sourcefire, and many others.   We understand the concern for quality – in both product and post-sale service.

Greg Fitzgerald

Board of Directors, Chairman

Greg is the founding Chief Marketing Officer of Cylance and current Chief Operating Officer of Javelin Networks.  In his over 23 years in cybersecurity he has built some of the biggest brand names in the industry protecting both big and small organizations.  He was SVP Marketing at Fortinet, Sourcefire, and TippingPoint noticing them as game changing, next

generation technologies during their infancy and used his strategic partnering and go-to-market awareness to enlighten the greater market that there is more advanced protection against cyberattacks. He serves as Cybrforce LLC Chairman to guide it to represent the most effective and efficient technologies and services to protect the planet from cyber incidents.

Robert Enslein Jr.

Board of Directors

Robert brings over 22 years of investment industry experience, coupled with operational and corporate expertise.Prior to DECA, Robert served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Loeb Capital Management, a multi-billion, multi-strategy hedge fund, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for the Funds.  Robert was President of Aremet Capital Management, a Greenwich, Connecticut based energy equity and commodity hedge fund.  Mr. Enslein served on the Board of Directors of those Funds as well.

Robert has also held senior roles at major global investment banks, including:  ING Barings, Credit Suisse, Jefferies & Co., and Gerard Klauer Mattison.  He was Chief Executive Officer and board member of Pinnacle Wine Vault, a global wine importer, warehousing and distribution company.  He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Reconstructing Hope, a 501c3 organization that assists victims of domestic violence.   Robert received Bachelor of Arts degrees in economics and political science from Emory University.

Miles Dunbar

Chief Operations Officer

Having worked in the financial industry for the last 23 years, on the technical and IT side of the business, I very much understand the importance of protecting critical and sensitive data.  Increased regulations and fines for breaches lead me to research the cyber protection industry. With traditional anti virus solutions no longer working, a new approach was needed.  I found that approach in Cylance’s patented technology using artificial intelligence.

I came on board Cyberforce as their CTO because I want to help companies implement thorough solutions to protect their most valuable asset – customer data.  I believe we offer a several products, when implemented together, can reduce a breach threat to the smallest chance possible.

Joe Tapias

Western Region Director of Sales

At Cyberforce, we are a Master “Managed Security Service Provider” (MSSP) and a Star VAR for Cylance, Javelin, DELL, & Zimperium. Senior Executives, CFO’s, CISO’s, CSO’s, CTO’s, HR and Payroll professionals trust me to help acquire and implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions to protect your organization’s Crown Jewels: YOUR DATA. What makes me different is that I care deeply about protecting individuals,

businesses and charitable organizations against cyberthreats that can devastate everything you’ve worked for in minutes. It means my clients often report back: “No ransomware after a year with the product. Who else can say that?” To contact me directly or schedule a free online demo, drop me a line at
jtapias@cybrforce.com | 949-874-1003

Claudia Lorant

Regional Sales Director

The goal of Cyberforce is to help fulfill the mission that Cylance is pursuing: protect all computers on the planet. As MSSP (managed security services provider), Cyberforce focuses on providing home users, family members, home offices, small offices and small and medium businesses with the most intelligent antimalware solution in the world, CylancePROTECT and empower the user with managed services. that reduce the impact of securing your computers.

Cyberforce is managed by more than 50 years of experience in cyber security combined with associations of the most important names in the business, Cisco, IBM, HP, Sourcefire and many others. We understand the concern for quality, both in the products and in the after-sales service. Cylance, Inc. has the best products against cyber-attacks to prevent and investigate compromises.

Shannon Freiermuth

Eastern Region Sales Director

I have an intense appetite to assist my customers in their toughest challenges.With cyberthreats increasing at alarming rates, along with many companies not having access nor the funds to hire cyber security teams it is a pleasure to be able to provide next generation solution and services that deliver on their promises. Regardless of your level of cyber expertise, our team can walk you through the journey to ensure your most prized work YOUR DATA is protected.

As I assist all sectors, I work closely with healthcare organizations as they house our patient data and have increased risks due to several key factors; desperate systems, operationally running 24/7/365 and changing workforce. While preventing cyber attacks is mission critical, also having clients report back telling me that we saved them hours in their work week with eliminating scan, data files, etc is the icing on the cake.

Andrea Venezio

Sapphire Healthcare Security Division

Stephen Smith

Chief Customer Success Officer

Stephen comes to Cyberforce Security with over 15 years of experience supporting customers in many different verticals. His unique vision allows us to help our customers from a level of understanding most MSSP companies do not have.

Management is often removed from any of those “pain points” experienced during implementation of new products and services. Stephen knows the pain points all too well from his technical experience on the front lines of end-user support and technical implementation.

His expertise ranges from Helpdesk to Systems Administrator, to IT Manager.

Stephen leads our support, partner, and implementation teams by using real-world experience and substantial input from our MSP partners and customers to drive growth and overall customer satisfaction.